For a Safer Worksite Choose Royer Developments 2015, Alberta

At Royer Developments 2015, safety comes first. Maintaining a safe worksite with industry best practices stands at the forefront of everything we do; all of our staff are trained to carry out their work in a manner that maximizes safety and efficiency. We participate in the Alberta Construction Association’s Partnerships in Injury Reduction program and are COR certified.

Industry Best Practices

Our company policies, safety practices and procedures are carefully outlined in our safety manual and are aligned with legislative requirements and industry best practices.

At Royer Developments 2015, safety on the jobsite and sending our employees home safe and healthy to their families are our top priorities. Working with heavy construction equipment can be dangerous; for this reason, we operate a comprehensive safety program involving ongoing training, hazard assessments, safety meetings and inspections through co-operation with our employees.

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